0__16219247_303_00.jpgMuch has changed in the last 2 years. Resources are becoming harder to find, ammunition, guns, food. Patrols of armed militants, the remnants of what used to be the United States military, sweep populated areas killing anything that move, zombie and human alike, then scavenge the remains.

zomb1.jpgThis would paint a bleak picture by itself, however the zombie horde is changing as well. The undead are evolving and developing new tactics. Mutations have arisen. No longer shambling corpses, these undead are capable of much more vicious attacks. The are stronger, faster and more powerful. Variations of the undead include zombies that climb, run, spit bile, and so much worse.

Survival is becoming harder as each day passes.

Zombie Campaign (year 5)

Zban Arghny KevinKuhn